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Are your goals not on track? Don’t worry, use these two most simple strategies

Oftentimes, we all have experienced how easily one drifts away from those decided goals. Blame it to the daily chaotic schedule or ad-hoc tasks that come along all day long. We also tend to blame our failures to our inabilities, lack of education, lack of will-power, circumstances etc. Strange thing is our innate ability that helped us decide those goals isn’t able to guide us on how to reach those goals, the ways and means of it, leading to a chaotic state of mind.

However, as per my experience success is mostly about being one hundred percent focused and being one hundred percent committed to the goals apart from having a great strategy in place. Needless to mention, one must be very flexible with strategies and make changes in the course as and when needed; we must acknowledge the fact that fine tuning is always needed and can’t be ignored.

Below are the two simplest scientifically proven strategies to get your goals back on track (if at all they/you have strayed away):

1) Being one hundred percent specific about the goal.

People talk to me about their goals all the time. Some say “I want to be promoted”, some others say “i want to quit smoking’, “i want a better education for my children”, “i will save more” etc to which i typically respond, “how will your success look like? How will you know if you have really succeeded in reaching your goals?” and then comes a very long pause and all the confusion, i don’t get a solid answer from them, the reason being their goals are not specific.

So, we must take a small step backwards and think on what our goals should really look like. With this type of contemplation there are very high chances that we don’t settle for less than what we really deserve. Research has proven that people with specific goals are very successful and they keep exceeding all the way.

So, instead of thinking “i want to be promoted”, plan something like for e.g., “i want to be promoted to general manager with a certain pay scale in $s”, instead of saying “i will quit smoking”, say “i will quit smoking by next week/month end”. What I wish to point out here is be specific and add some numbers to your goal and also detail the step by step plan to reach your goal and keep a track of the progress every single day.

2) Strike out what really stands between your goals and you.

This strategy is very well known as mental contrasting that particularly involves planning and chalking out the fruits of achieving your goals and at the same time planning out the ways and means of reaching those goals.

Now, the first thing to do is imagine the feeling of having achieved your goals. You need to picture it as clearly as you can in your mind. Second step is to think of the obstacles that stand between your goals and you. For example you want a high paying job, the first thing you want to do is imagining the kind of mental satisfaction you will get from a heightened sense of self respect, a higher status in the society, and all the excitement you will receive from this job. Then think of the possible hurdles like for example, you want your resume to appear better than the other deserving candidates, rehearsing the interview process several times for increasing your chances of success etc. which can be worked out easily well in advance.

The strategy of mental contrasting has the potential of turning your dreams, wishes and desires into a reality and this is scientifically proven. This is no wishful thinking or day dreaming (which is usually fun to do but one doesn’t achieve anything from it) as we are factoring-in any roadblocks that possibly may arise.

Mental contrasting is a very reliable process that leads an individual to put in more effort and energy, plan well and achieve the desired goals. Spending some time on the above two strategies will clear ones vision of the goals and how to reach them.

By Yugal Goyal, Business and Life Coach, for booking an appointment, click here.

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